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2004 Projekt Revolution Tour: Fans' Reviews

Mansfield, MA Meet & Greet

Because I wasn't interested in seeing Snoop Dogg, I left my seat early for the M&G, promising my friends who didnt make it lots of pics and stories. I get to the waiting spot almost an hour early just to be first in line, and I succeeded! After waiting for almost a full hour, Mark comes to get us and moves us down the line to the area where all the buses and catering tents are.
We're waiting right at the entrance to this area for about another 10 minutes when all of a sudden we hear someone yell "I'm gonna beat you, Joe!" I look over and see two golf carts, Mike and Chester in one and Brad and Joe in the other, having a race to Phoenix at the other side of the parking lot, Rob was the starting point apparently. Joe and Brad won by a car length, and took a victory lap down the M&G line, high-fiving all the people who made the list. They then made their way to the M&G tent and Mark lead us forward to them.

I hand Chester my BTH Manga Book

Chester: Hey, how are you?(shakes my hand)
Me: not bad, can't wait for your set, mmy best friend wanted me to ask you, why do you guys never play System live?
Chester: You know, i really dont know, i love that song, i'll have to talk to Jon (Davis, who wrote the song for Chester) about that.
Me: cool! hey Chester, can i get a picture?
(he smiles)
Me: thanks!!!

Chester then passes the book to Rob

Rob: (extends hand) you live around here or did you have to drive far?
Me: I walked here, thats how close it is
Rob: wow, in this heat?
Me: eh, its worth it! ( take a pic)

(I move to Brad)

Me: Brad, one of my friends really wants a pic of you, would you mind?
Brad: No problem!
(i take pic)
Joe: who wants a picture of Brad?
Phoenix: even better, who wants a pic of Joe?
Joe: hey i'm not just a pretty face, unlike you, i actually work
(both laugh)
(Joe smiles for a pic)

Phoenix: Whats up?
Me: not much
Phoenix: Cool, do you have good seats
Me: not bad, i wish i was a little closer and more towards the center

Mike: (extends hand) Hi, whats your name?
Me: Zack
Mike: Nice meeting you, Zack
(i take pic)

even better than when i met them in Worcester!!! i was more sure of myself and wasnt so scared, maybe cause i knew what to expect? anyway, it was a great show, and i'll give a full report later.



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