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Linkin Park Night

Tonight we salute one of the biggest bands in rock in the world right now. On the day their brand new album 'Minutes To Midnight' hits the shelves, Music Control is here to make sure you get the rocking you deserve.

7 years and 15 milliion records into their career and it looks like the band for whom the term Nu-Metal was basically invented, are staying on top where they belong. Their new album 'Minutes To Midnight' hit the shelves over here this morning, which would acually have been midnight in their home state of California.It's looking set for a top slot in the charts and with good reason. So good in fact, we decided to dedicatie the entire night to them. Not only will we play classic tracks AND tracks off the new album, but we've got our hands on an exclusive live session you won't here anywhere else!But that's not all, they're in the studio, picking out tunes for myPlaylist and chatting to Kevin, and if you miss it, you can hear the whole thing right here from 8:30. But even better than that, listen live tonight you could win their entire back catalogue, including the limited edition of 'Minutes To Midnight' - listen now to find out how!Plus you can also win copies of the new album just by entering myPlaylist here.If you wanna know what I made of 'Minutes To Midnight' then check out my Album Of The Week.

Listen To Linkin Park  Part 1.  Part 2. 
 Part 3.

LP-TVYep - they have their own TV show! You can watch not just all their videos here, but their own behind-the-scenes TV show. Watch 'em here.But before that, why not check out their video for their latest single 'What I've Done':

Find out how they got here thanks to the wonderful world of Wikipedia!

 Check it out

And if that's still not enough Linkin for your Parking, you can count down to midnight with them on their official site:

 Start the clock here



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