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Linkin Park’s latest talks politics

The four-year wait is over and it’s worth it. The album cover is colourless and the music is subtler and more politically conscious than ever. So Linkin Park has managed to get their foresight right and roll out an album that bleeds of contemporary world issues. The style has evolved from bang-bang rock to rap-infused melodies and more base patterned rhythms. Minutes to Midnight is not dark as most rock albums are, but it is full of a conscience that breathes of remorse and guilt.

Weaving in ambient sound into its music, Leave out all the best echoes of an original style that is specific only to Linkin Park. What I’ve done is fairly average with a little footnote on the album that indicates that the song was meantto work on deeper levels of death and freedom metaphors.

LP may not have worked wonders with their pre-conceived concepts but Mike Shinoda makes up for their folly with an anti-war song preaching “the leader just talks away shattering and mumbling for nightly news to replay.” Explaining concepts such as an instrumental style titled Song Q, LP moves on to a preachy rock anthem in No more sorrow. Distinctly raw and probably sporting the heaviest metal sounds on the album, the lyrics are anti-establishment. Valentine’s Day is such a huge disappointment that skipping the track almost comes naturally.

A self claimed band favorite, In between, is strikingly different from all the other tracks. Featuring Shinoda for the first time all solo on the track, base and violins storm the song as it rakes in a wave of constancy in structure.

Meanwhile, in In pieces, LP experiments with the peppy, crisp retro beats of the ’80s and sums it up with a guitar solo. The song bears uncanny resemblances to Maroon 5’s style of music but the effort seems genuine and the outcome isn’t half bad either. Finally The little things give you away is well worded, full of introspect and a silent tribute to the Hurricane Katrina. And as the album rolls out music much to the delight of most LP fans, let’s hope that the inspiration for music in the next four years is not war or disaster.

Express India - July 31, 2007



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