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Linkin Park, 'Bleed it Out'

Linkin Park may well be this generation's greatest pioneers of alternative rock.

The band is currently going through a change of musical style, something that can be seen from their latest album, 'Minutes to Midnight'.

They're trying to move away from the now cliched rap-rock stereotype and are trying to make their own brand of alternative music.

However you won't see this change of style in their latest single, 'Bleed it Out'. They're back to their nu-metal, rapcore roots in this track and they're on fantastic form for it.

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This song is a crowd pleaser. You can tell this right from the start with the cheering crowd and the brilliantly hasty musical backing. Mike Shinoda delivers his verses with quick-fire conviction and Chester Bennington bellows the catchy chorus.

This song is one of the better tracks from their latest album and will surely be another chart smash for Chester, Mike and the gang.

'Bleed it Out' is out on 20th August 2007 and the album 'Minutes to Midnight' is out now.

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