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Chester Bennington records side project with Julien-K

Julien-K, which is an electronic group created by Amir Derakh and Ryan Shuck formerly of Orgy, are in the final recording stages of their debut album, 'Death to Analog.' The album was originally scheduled for release in 2005, but due to delays the band won't have the album finished until the end of 2007. It seems the band was delayed by Linkin Park's Chester Bennington, who lent his hand and ear in the studio during the beginning stages of the band. But before the band had their album finished, Bennington approached the guys to be his backing band for his side project, Dead by Sunrise and Julien K's album was put on hold.

We caught up with Julien K, who just finished up a slot on Linkin Park's Projekt Revolution tour to discuss having Chester help the band in its infant stage in the studio and their thoughts on being asked by Bennington to record his side project.

"He (Bennington) came in and was basically working for Julien K when this thing was kind of in its nucleus stage. He was sort of teaching me and coaching me to sing and giving me the confidence to actually be a singer because in Orgy I wasn't a lead singer. This was kind of a nebulous group of people creating and writing music and he was sort of part of that group and one day he walked in with an acoustic guitar and he goes 'Hey I want you guys to record my side project.' And Amir and I looked at each other and we were like 'That's awesome. O.K. That's a great opportunity to work with Chester, who is our favorite singer in the world."

We also talked with Julien K about being two entirely different bands.

"It turned into literally in a few days Julien K became Chester's band Dead by Sunrise so we literally stopped our record and recorded a record with Chester which is complete. Of course, the reason that didn't come out is because you have the Linkin Park record in front of it. There was a little bit of back up in timing and complications but basically Julien K is two bands. With Chester singing it's Dead by Sunrise and when I sing it's Julien K. Julien K is decidedly a bit more Electro but Dead by Sunrise a little bit heavier, a little bit more rocky and it's still got, Chester loves Electro music and he loves what we're doing."

Since Linkin Park has just released their smash breakthrough album 'Minutes to Midnight' look for the band to delay the release of Dead by Sunrises debut album until sometime in 2008. Julien K have announced a run of tour dates with Mindless Self Indulgence beginning September 5th in Minnesota and extending until September 11th in Pennsylvania. Look for Dead by Sunrise to announce tour dates in 2008 as the band tours in support of their debut album as well.


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