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Jay-Z, Linkin Park - Collision Course Views

The craze for bootlegs - DJs cut-and-shutting two radically different tracks - has been over for at least a year. The final word on the subject was The Grey Album , Dan germouse's fusion of Jay-Z's Black Album and the Beatles's White Album . So this label-approved and MTV-aided union of tracks by Jay-Z and Linkin Park feels like too little, too corporate and too late. It lacks danger, crucial to the whole enterprise, and it's not a fair fight either - Jay outclasses the guitar kids hands down. That said, the muscular production does hark back to the Judgment Night soundtrack from 1993, the start of the whole rap/alt rock dalliance. The DVD that documents the recording of Collision Course and their joint gig is hilarious, too, if you like sniggering at Linkin Park.


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