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Encore! - Cheap Trick Or Necessary Fix?

Interview with Joe Hahn Encores can be a great time to introduce or even fine-tune unreleased songs, the logic being that true fans will appreciate hearing a rare nugget or something new.

Linkin Park wrote "My December" while touring, and they introduced it during an encore. It was eventually released on a holiday compilation and in remixed form on Reanimation.

"Up until we released Meteora, we only had one record that was 36 minutes long," Chester Bennington explains. "It was very interesting to fill a headlining slot of an hour and 15 minutes' worth of music ... so we had to really get creative and we pulled a lot of older stuff, songs from our EP and our earlier days, songs that we thought were really strong but didn't make the record."

Now that Linkin Park have a new album and are playing sets weighted toward the new stuff, they're using encores in a more traditional way.

"We really want to feel how the audience is reacting to the new stuff, so we leave and we see if they want more," Bennington says. "If they want more, then we know we are succeeding with our show. It kind of gives us that extra boost and lets us know what we're doing right and what we're doing wrong."



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