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Interview with Joe Hahn

The moment has finally come! The one night that Hong Kong has been waiting for, which stars Linkin Park on our own stage, was short, but explosive. Though a few fans couldn’t feel their music totally as the sound wasn’t loud enough, but for those who got up front at their feet were jamming it with every single word of their songs. To get more up close and personal to the band, we’ve grabbed the main-brain, Joe Hahn, to speak to us on his own movie project in London, his “pirate” fans and more!
Joe Hahn: Joe Hahn

Welcome to own town!
Joe Hahn: Thank you!

How you feeling?
Joe Hahn: Wooooooohooooooo~

(Laughs) All excited?
Joe Hahn: Yeah! Sure!

I remember last time, we’re in Singapore, I asked you, “Would you ever come to Hong Kong for a concert?” And you said you would love to do a movie here. Do you still wanna do that?
Joe Hahn: Yeah! Maybe here, or China, or something… yeah! The movie that I’m talking about that I’m doing right now, it actually takes place in London, so that one won’t be done here, but I do have another idea that… maybe I can work something out.

So tell us about the one happening in London! Or is it a secret?
Joe Hahn: Uhhh… well it’s not a secret, it’s still getting worked out, the deal is getting worked out. But it’s based on a book called ‘King Rat’, by China Mieville. And uh… it’s about… it’s modern day London, hundreds of years after the Pied Piper came to Hamelin, and drove the children into the city, and the Pied Piper is still alive, along with King Rat who’s the leader of the Rat Kingdom, along with the Spider Kingdom… it all takes place in modern day London, to the background of drum’n bass music… kinda like where drum’n bass music was in the mid till late 90’s… a little out there…

Now as you’re here in Asia, I guess I’ll have to ask you this. Is there any Asian band that you heard, that you think, “Wow! That sounds really amazing!”? Say the band who is opening up for you for tonight!
Joe Hahn: Yeah! The thing with the band opening up for tonight, they opened up for us in Korea, and we liked them. So the opportunity came around, and we’re like, “Hey, you wanna open up for us?” and they’re like, “Ok! Cool!”

Yeah? Is there another band in particular that you think sounded good?
Joe Hahn: Ummm… one time in Japan, we played for the band called ‘Uzumaki’, they’re pretty cool… ummm… what other band… Jackie Chan’s ehh… solo singing project?! That’s pretty cool… what else… yeah!

(Laughs) Talking about technology… if a fan comes up to you with a CD-R, saying, “Oh! I’m your #1 fan!” Would you still sign that CD-R?
Joe Hahn: Well… a lot of times I don’t wanna sign it, but I’ll sign it anyway coz… I don’t wanna be mean! Some people just don’t know… what can you do… PLEASE STOP! That’s all I can say… Effectiveness of that? I don’t know… (Giggles)

Considering ‘Nu-metal’ as a dumb name, Joe Hahn and the fellas of Linkin Park have been trying to break through the boundaries of different genres of music, but somehow ended up being categorized by a new name. Also realizing “the Internet is the future, that’s where everything is going, and it’s changing things, while the only choice they have is to evolve, as technology evolves”, Joe stays true to the fans, even for those who just download them illegally! Guess they’ve all got a bit “Numb” about that…

Apart from meeting Joe Hahn, also got the chance to meet Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington. As usual, wherever they go, fans, even the press would be asking for their autographs. While Chester was busy signing, a voice came in asking, “Chester, you’re sure you wanna do this?” The answer? Just a cold, “It’s just gonna take a minute.” As the tension was reaching the breaking point, a familiar face came in with a magazine, asking for an autograph. It’s Mike! Now that broke the ice, and we all ended up with laughter since Chester insist to sign on Mike’s face… Rock stars? Sure, but attitude wise? They’re more like big kids trying to have some fun. - June 23, 2004



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