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Interview with Phoenix and Mike Shinoda

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Mike Shinoda:
It's ok man! We want to come here actually. When we played in Malaysia we know many Indonesian fans came and we decided to come here for the fans

And what you were thinking when the plane landed in Indonesia?
Phoenix: Honestly I was little bit nervous, because according to the news I heard Indonesia and SEA fan's like to wait for the artists at the airport. And we're not comfortable about that. That made me so nervous
Mike Shinoda: I agree with Phoenix. I'm little bit afraid if many fans waited for us. Fortunately the security could handle this problem. And that nervous disappeared and we're happy because can see new country

By the way, do you know you will be performing on the beach?
Phoenix: Wow really? Which beach? we don't know about that.
Mike Shinoda: Wow, it's amazing! We can see sunset.
Phoenix: I hope there isn't any shark

Well there won't be any shark (laughs)! The name of the beach is Pantai Carnaval. It will be great.
Mike Shinoda: Well I will remember the concert here. We have already prepared special performance before we come here.
Phoenix: Oh ya we will play songs from Hybrid Theory EP. Then there will be songs from Reanimation, which will be mixed with the original songs. So should listen carefully.

Well that will be cool. But, speaking of reanimation, is there any plan to make Meteora remix?
Mike Shinoda: (laughs), no kidding. Definitely not. In Reanimation, me and Joe Hahn were only trying to remix a few songs from Hybrid Theory. We didn't expect to remix the whole album. But for now I don't think so. We will focus on the new album. We won't be making a Remix album again.
Phoenix: Yeah clearly in Meteora we focused on the sound, the 3rd album will be different. Who knows there will be “battle rap track” or make an album which contains ballads. We don't know exactly. We will do something different.
Mike Shinoda: We will bring out our capability and squeeze our creativity in our brain for the next album. Trust me, we won't make our fans unsatisfied.

Oh ya, this is a concert review when you were playing in Malaysia a year ago. We were there and we did a review. You can see it in this magazine
Mike Shinoda: Cool Dude! The pictures are cool. Oh ya, in Malaysia we were accused of lipsyncing. Phoenix was accused of playing bass different from the songs. Right Jack?
Phoenix: Yep! I only laughed. They didn't want to pay attention seriously. Therefore, in this concert , I want to invite everyone who accused LP of lipsyncing to stand near the stage. I will lend my bass to that people and ask them to play like I do. I'm sure, they will be quiet and shy.
Mike Shinoda: Right! We never lipsync

Then, what is your plan after Meteora World Tour finish?
Mike Shinoda: We will be back in the studio to record the new album. I hope it will be released in the beginning of 2005. We're tired of playing old songs.

Then, you will plan another tour?
Phoenix: Of course! And we will add Indonesia in our tour next year. We like your country. Peaceful and Awesome.

Keep your promise guys because there will be a lot of fans waiting.
Mike Shinoda: It's true. Just wait
Phoenix: Yup. we promise. I hope it will be happen

Okay, nice to meet you guys. Good luck for the concert tomorrow.
Mike Shinoda & Phoenix: Thanx. Nice to meet you too.

Hai Magazine (Indonesia) - June 2004



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